Day 11 - You tuck like a BOY!

Pure Barre - Coral Gables

While I'm enjoying pretty much all of these classes for different reasons, I think the one I"m finding most interesting is Pure Barre. Because it's not high intensity and I don't find myself gasping for air or completely dead at the end of the workout. But it challenges me in ways I haven't been challenged before, which is cool.

The whole idea is based on isometric holds. The movements are all these tiny, one-inch pulses and ab tucks. Not unlike that old Ab-flex machine they sold on TV that promised rock hard abs in 8 weeks. As one who's lifted, done ensurance sports, then gotten into high-intensity stuff like boxing, these sbutle, held movements are a completely new thing. And completely hard.

So on Friday, rather than go to Zumba solo I opted for a second straight day of barre. Because why not. The class was almost identical the the one I'd done Thursday, so I got to see some progress. I'm also really starting to hate "It's not Right, but it's OK" since I now associate it with absolutely burning glutes.

That said, the classes here are interesting because some of the girls in there clearly took ballet at some point, and know what they're doing. Others maybe don't have that background, but have been taking barre class long enough they they're pretty damn good at it. Then there's me. Who's holding my own, but am definitely the short bus kid in barre school.

Then there are the girls who actually seem to be worse at this than I am. And not that there's anything wrong with that, really, but I'd have to  image this is the girl equivlanet of bieng out-lifted or out-throw or out pretty-mcuh-anything by a girl at the gym. Like, if a chick is doing better than you, it's like your balls got left somewhere in the locker room.

Is it like that in barre class? Like if I'm able to extend my leg longer or am more flexible than you, is it like, DAMN, the GUY is doing barre better than me?? Or are girls not as gym-competitive as we are? I don't know, somehow I missed that living with the ballerinas.

At any rate, definitely did well in class, broke a serious sweat, and felt  bad for the instructor who came over and tried to help me get deeper into my V-shit and reach when she put her hand on my back. I'm pretty sure she didn't expect it to be completely soaked, and probably told a "how gross was THAT?" story to her coworkers after  class. But whatever, it showed I was working hard, and she was doing a good job as an instructor. So win-win.

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  1. Yes, the competition is real. I crush women in women fitness classes.