Day 6: Back on the Bag

Boxing - Mickey Demos Boxing and Fitness

Ok, now, this ISN'T a women's fitness class, it's the Saturday boxing aerobics class at my usual gym. But, seriously, after Zumba I needed to go punch SOMETHING to feel just, like, a tiny bit manly for a second.

The real reason I went was because there's this kid who trains out my my gym who's like 15 and one of the best fighter I've ever seen. And he was set to spar with another guy who trians out of our gym, CJ, a pro fighter who's 8-0 and an even better figther than that 15-year old (Emanuel). But not by as much as you'd think. Those two sparring was absolutely going to be a more entertaining match up than Pacquiao/Mayweather. Though there are probably middle school lunch fights that are more entertaining than that.

Anyway I showed up for the 10am class and found myself hitting the bags way harder than normal. I don't know if I credit this to a week of barre classes or a week awy from boxing so I was refreshed, but it was good to see the progress. Ab exercises were easier too, I think that I can definitely credit to all the core work.

After the class and before the sparring Mickey (yes, our boxing coach's name is Mickey, and he's EXACTLY what you're picturing) got up and made a little speech to the crowd who'd come to watch the sparring, which included a TV crew from channel 10.

"These two are special," he said. "They're as tough as men come. They're like the kinf of men who climb mount everest, just a special level of tough."

I wondered what Mickey might think about Zumba.

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