Day 8 - Overcompensation on the Microphone

Barry's Bootcamp - South Beach

Barry's has proven to be the hardest of the workouts I've done thus far. By a lot. Like, Barre is a different kind of heard but nothing makes me suck wind and question my life choices like the uphill tradmill marathon that is Leg and Butt class on Tuesday.

Despite hitting traffic in 195 AGAIN (note: Don't take 195 in the morning. Ever again) I made it just in time for class. You know who didn't make it in time? Derek. I missed the explanation as to why he wasn't there, but in his place was tough looking black girl, a much-more-realistic-looking drill instructor.

And much like real-life DI's, she liked to scream. I mean like, loud, and right into the mic to the point that, for the second straight day, I had absolutely no idea what the instructor was saying. I just kind of listened for speed numbers (she also seemed to like to use the metric system for speeds, having us "jog" at 7.5) while on the treadmills, and watching the rest of the class while on the floor.

it's an interesting phenomenon, as I haven't had any male instructors who yelled so loud into the mic that I couldn't understand them, but two ladies in a row who've been unintelligible. My theory is they're so used to having to yell louder (since females typically have quiter voices) they do the same into the mics. And the results aren't good.

Aside from that, the class was the same brand of uphill sprints and heavy weight squats as I'd had last week. But holy shit, I'd gotten better. Like the sprints weren't nearly the near-death experience they'd been last week, and I recovered much mroe quickly.

I still fumbled around with the "booty band" on the floor exercises, though. Putting my foot in that handle is like trying to squeeze a giant suitcase into an overhead bin. And if you know me, you know I never do that second one. Point it, when we got to the final sets of exercsies on the floor, utlizing said booty bands instead of, you know, manly dumbells, I looked like a complete idiot.

We finished with this "up/down" sqaut routine to a song called "Bring Sally Up" where you stand up when the singer says "Up" and sqaut down when she says "down." Here's a video of it...

it was tough, but I am proud to say I didn't stand up once when I wasn't supposed to, and only had to suport my weight during the last long down. Fucking progress, man. I may still have some serious liquor bloat in my upper body, but my ass and legs are gonna be sick at the end of this month.

I'll also add though there were like half a dozen dudes in this class, MAYBE one of them looked straight. And three felt it was perfectly fine to take their shirts off mid-workout. these dudes were all mid-40s at the youngest. And all ripped as all hell. God bless fucking Winstrol.

At any rate, another solid morning at Barry's and my quads are feeling it. They're having some kind of  "Member VIP parry" at LIV on Friday. You can bet my better-toned ass is gonna be there.

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