Day 9 - Moaning Myrtle

Reforming Pilates - Miami Beach

Pilates has become a recovery day of srots for me. After the early intensity of SoulCycle and Barry's Boot Camp taking Wednesday to just stretch and tone is a nice way to let my legs recover.

I just said "taking Wednesday to stretch and tone." If Man Cards were still a thing, I think mine would get pulled for that.

At any rate  my second pilates class was far less stressful to get to than the first, despite the driving rainstorm I had to drive in to get there. But once we started it actually seemed a little otugher than the first time. It might be because me legs were sore from the previoous day, and because I hadn't been awake as long, but the initial extensions on the Pilates machine burned out a lot faster than last week. No idea why.

It may also have been because the room was excessively humid, mostly thanks to said rainstorm, and the fact that it had been a week since anyone in South Florida had had to use AC, this studio included. SO I was sweating a lot initially.

But much as my legs were burning, I still didn't make much noise about it. Or as least I didn't seem to nearly as much as some lady in the next room. The studio is split into two rooms with a doorway in between, where the instructor stands. So you can't really see who else is in there. If I had to guess, I would have said Sasha Grey.

Yeah, this lady was moaning like she was getting fucked to within an inch of her life every time we did an extension. LIke, I know the old Adam Sandler bit about "working out or having sex" but good lord, it was almost like this lady was trying to get off while she was exercising. And, from the sounds of it, I think she did. Does she not realize this? Has no workout buddy ever been like "Um, hey, just FYI you sound like a 13-year-old's Internet histroy every time you're in the gym. MAYBE tone it down?"

I couldn't decide whether it was slightly arousing, or just the female equivalent of the meanthead grunters at the gym. And is this, like, a normal thing? Do girls just shrug off the Pilates orgasms like we shurg off dudes who yell too loud during incline presses? I will say I havne't heard it anywhere but here, but that's not to say it's uncommon. Well, we shall see.

Anyway the rest of class went well. This studio has mirrors in front of every machine so you can watch your form, and I have to say I rather enjoy that. My abs are definitely getting stronger, and the work we do in there with the balls and the rings is helping those along. Not that I'll get a 6-pack doing this stuff, but I'm definitely noticing some more definition.

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