Day 13 - Grinding in Da Club

SoulCycle - Coral Gables

I've started to realize the cult-like following instructors get at places like SoulCycle and Barry's. I don't know that it's so much that the workouts are all that different, but it's like your hair stylist or barber, you know? Like once you've signed on with one, there's this sense of loyalty. Like if you stop giong to their class and they see you rolling into somebody else's, that would be right up there with your girlfriend walking in on your tinder date.

I realized this Monday when I considered changing classes, because doing in the morning would have involved going to Coral Gables twice in day (had to be in Wynwood around lunchtime), and it owuld have saved a lot of time to scheudle a class at, say, 1:30 or 2pm. but then I was like "What if Aubrey is there? And is like 'Um,. why aren't you in my class?" and then I'd awkwardly mumble something about having to be in Wynwood, she wouldn't believe me, and if I ran into her again at LIV, things might get ugly.

At any rate, I sucked up the double-Gables day and went at my usual 10:30 slot. And I aligned the bike right this time, with the seat waaaay in the back. Totally not what I'm used to on my racing bikes. On racing bikes, you have this narrow little seat that jsut sits on your ass for hours. And while, yes, it's a pain, it's a constant pain. Just this sharp press on your, well, you know where, that you either get used to or dirves you nuts.
SoulCycle isn't like that.

First off, you don't spend a lot of time in the seat. And when you're out of the seat, a lot of time is spent dropping back for a beat onto the seat, then popping right back up. This gives you the wonderful sensation of having something hard and pointy jabbing right in the, well, you know where. not seomthing guys are used to, at all.

And it occurred to me, not that I'm a guy who would ever do it, but this must be what it feels like for girls when dudes roll up behind them in the club and just start grinding uninvited. Like, um, hey, what IS that, and get it far, far away from my bicycle seat area. Gents, if you are the kind of douchebag who grinds up on girls in the club, go to a spinning class and drop on the seat repeatedly. See if you like it. And if you do, well, there's clubs for that too. If you don't, rmemeber that the next time you think a girl might like feeling your bicycle seat. Hint: She doesn't.

So, yes, the female empathy continues.

On a fitness note, I admitted to myself 5lb weights for the arms portion of this class were too heavy, and just didn't bother swapping out the 2lb weights. So I could just be like "Um, these were already ON here" if it ever came up. At any rate, whiel I still couldn't keep my arms up the whole time, I did considerably better than last week. Partly because I didn't feel nearly as sick, but probably more because I was using lighter weights. My goal is to someday make it through an entire session without having to drop my arms. But given we've only got another week of this, I'm not holding my breath.

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