Day 15 - The Easier This Gets, The Dirtier I Feel

Zumba - University of Miami Wellness Center

There is something girls don't undertand about guys, and that is that we have to fight, consciously, to not look at noticable tits and ass. Like, I like to think of myself as a pretty respectful guy, but if a girl with a great ass is standing in front of me, or a girl with a large chest is weareing a low cut shirt, it's like a goddam tractor beam for our eyes. Girls like to say we're "objectifying" or "sexist" or whatever, but we're not. It's biology. I won't say we can't help it, we can, but it takes a serious amount of discipline and conentration to do it. And then we're focused so hard on NOT looking at your chest, we don't listen to what you're saying. Then you say we don't listen. So, pick your poison, ladies. Sorry, we're guys, we're just hard wired to look, kinda like you're hard wired to love puppies.

I say this because I go to great lengths during these  women's exercise classes to not look at the sea of backsides in front of me in yoga pants. And I do a pretty good job, mostly because I"m so focused on trying to figure out what the fuck I'm doing, i don't really notice anyone around me. And even on the off chance when I do catch myself doing that, it's only a split second unti I've gota think about the next move.

So my second trip to Zumba was Friday night, and, despite the class starting 10 minutes late (they REALLY hammer home the Latin theme of Zumba class, I guess) I got the moves down pretty well. And, I shit you not, Zumba is definitely the fastest pace, most calorie burning workout of all of these, if you do it right. At any rate, for about the first 3/4 of the class, I more or less knew what I was doing. Which was cool, but it got dangerous.

Apparently Zumba classes are usually filled with geriatrics looking for a low-impact way to get their pulses up. This class, of course, is at a college gym. I'll let you connect the dots there but once my brain was able to relax on learning the moves, it defaulted back to guy brain. And with four rows of girls in yoga pants in front of you, well, you start to nnotice every time there's a hip shake.

I fought it, I really did. And I think I did a pretty good job becuase, well, I'm not a pro and still needed to think about dancing. And also, there's mirrors in there so I spent a good deal of time watching my own form. But I could imagine if I got to a point where I was good at this, I'd need to go to a typical old lady class so as not to look like a creeper. It's not like I GO to class because it's full of girls in dance pants. But good God once you're there, well, it's just realyl hard to ignore.

Anyway, much as I enjoy Zumba this will probably be my last class, at least for a while. I've been told Butts and Guts, which goes at the same time, is good too.

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