Day 17 - Reality Check

Pure Barre - Coral Gables

There is a big difference between flexibility at night and flexibility in the morning. I think I learn this every Sunday now, since Sunday morning seems to be the time I get all flexibility-cocky, and think I can do full splits and shit. Not so much.

I got a couple of reality checks this weekend. First, when I posted the picture I ended my Vixen Workout with on Facebook, Joe Schwartz, the elder statesman of our tailgate group and a pretty much all-around bad ass who knows everyone in Miami, commented simply "C'mon Matt. You're Better than that." I took it down immediately. Your boys calling you a fag is one thing, joe Schwartz saying he's disappointed it like a kick to the soul. But it was the call out I needed to I didn't fall too deep down the hole of women's fitness.

Then I went to barre Sunday morning, and the girl at the front desk is like "Have you been here before?" Bitch this is my FOURTH CLASS. I'm practically ready to audition for the Corps at MCB. So, uh, YEAH? I'm the GUY who goes here, clearly you haven't heard of me. Or maybe I just said "yeah, I was here last week."

I wasn't ready to do much of anything. The class ran differently than the others I'd been to, and was somehow a little harder. It wasn't as much cardio to start out, but a LOT of isometrics, a lot of time in push up position and the legendary 90 second plank. Lots of shoulder work with the dumbbells. Basically, stuff that's tough for me.

There's one class they do at my boxing gym that's about as close to women's fitness as you get, taught by Angie one of the owners. Angie's classes are light on boxing, but always long on this stuff. And I always wondered how she was able to stay up in push up position for so long, and kept us with our arms over our heads for so long during the non-boing portions. Now I know. It's all barre class stuff, adapted for that class. Not that this barre class was much like that, but I did recognize the aspects.

I once again left feeling burned and toned. They say the shakes are your body changing, and getting the results you're looking for. I'd really like to keep doing barre after this is all over because it's definitely working muscle groups I don't typically, especially abs which I've never been able to master. Today's class was good, but I hope the more I do it it still remains a challenge.

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