Day 21 - This is where you get better

Barry's Bootcamp - South Beach

Thursday went a lot later than it was supposed to. Dinner at Azul turned into drinks at some new craft cocktail bar where I had one too many "Swedish Chefs" (no shit, they had a drink called Swedish Chef. Clearly I couldn't stop at one) and ended up getting home at 230. All well and good, except we were doing a photo shoot at Barry's for this story, and of course it was at the 8:20am class.

But, I figured, I had some hip-hop flow yoga scheduled for later in the day, so I could just come in, take the pics, and then return to my regularly scheduled hangover. Then I forgot I was working with Carlos Miller.

Carlos is a photographer I've worked with since the MB411 days, and the dude will just be shameless in getting pictures. His shots are good, but he's the kinda guy who'll push over a little kid if it means getting his angle, and he'll also stick around a shoot four four hours or more if he needs to.

He actually was late to the class and showed up right as we were finishing our first round on the treadmills. Which was a nice, slow job to start out "Full Body" day. We told Kellie, the instructor, to get up and yell at me for the pictures. which she did a nice job of. Meanwhile, Carlos was standing on my treadmill, the lady next to me's treadmill, in the box of leg straps, like, pretty much anywhere to get good pictures.

Kellie just kept saying "This is YOUR workout, guys. Ignore anything else that's going on!" Hard to do when there's a lens two inches from your nose, but whatever.

About halfway through I started to feel a little less awful, and told Carlos "Hey, if you've got thge shots you need you can go." To which he just nodded and kept shooting. Every round I'd think he'd gotten enough, but, nope, he was still there. But it was funny: After four weeks of legs and butt class, the uphill sprints had gotten easier, and even the brutal hangover didn't mkae it a lot tougher.

The Sudafed I took before I left the house probably didn't hurt either.

But during those sprints, when you run 10, 11, 12 miles an hour, Kellie would yell "This is where you get better!" And it's really true. After doing them for a month, it wasn't hard. And so I feel I've made some good progress in terms of that stuff. I could imagine doing just Barry's for a month the kind of shape you'd be in. Although at $35 a class, you'd be the most ripped homeless guy on the planet.

I'm pretty sure Carlos got some awesome pictures. He posted on on Facebook that wasn't exactly flattering, where I'm literally drenched in sweat looking incredibly constipater trying to do an overhead tricep curl. The three women in the picture look completley calm.

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