Day 22 - Pardon My Reach, there, Rojon Rondo

Green Monkey - South Beach

At the suggestion of a lady I had lunch with last week, I stuck around South Beach after my Barry's shoot do so something called "Hip Hop Flow Yoga" at Green Monkey, which is literally next door to Barry's Bootcamp. It's kind a yoga chain, but  really, I was more intreagued by the challenge of achieving your zen while listening to "Rap God."

So I get there and the room is really small, maybe 15 feet wide from the mirror to the back wall. And it's packed, with about two rows of people. I set up on the far side of the room, away from as many people as I could, fully knowing my logs legs and arms hit people during yoga class all the time. I'm setting up my mat, and this skinny black guy who's about my height than me sets up right behind me. And I'm thinking "Well geez, ok, now the two tallest guys in the room are like, RIGHT next to each other. This won't be awkward AT ALL."

I went to put my gym bag on the shelves and this guy comes up to me and says "Hey you know who Rojon Rondo is?"

I'm a Kings fan. He's the only player on our team anyone outside Sacramento can name. Of COURSE I know who Rojon Rondo is. I just said "Yeah, he plays for Sacramento, right?"

"Yeah, he's about to take class with us." And points to the skinny black guy behind me.

It would have seemed improbable, except it's NBA All-Star Weekend and Rondo wasn't going this year. I guess he was opting to spend the weekend in South Beach. It was funny because I's just had a conversation over lunch with my friend Marco, who was apparently workout buddies with Peyton Manning for a few weeks at his gym at the Continuum, and had absolutely no idea who he was.

So I did a Google image search for Rojon Rondo. And, yep, it was definitely the skinny black guy set up behind me.

That aside, the class was pretty cool. "Beyonce heavy" as the instructor said, I guess as some kind of statement about whatever it was Beyonce did at the Super Bowl. The first 30 minutes or so were pretty easy. But it was a little surreal looking back beinhd me in every downward dog and being like "Oh, there's a future NBA Hall of famer right there. NBD."

Thing was, I was sweating like this was a Bikram class. To the point my back started making those fart noises every time I had to flatten it on the ground for a pose. I'm sure the whole room thought i was ripping ass. And if I ever met Rondo in the real world and he happened to recognize me., he would 100% say something along the lines of "Oh yeah! You was that sweaty farting dude at Green Monkey!"

Awesome. I did manage to do a full bridge, with a lot of help from our instructor. But definitely somethign I couldn't have done a year ago.

But there were probably five or six times during the class me and Rondo kept bumping into each other. Like on Warrior poses and several where you had to kick your leg back. I definitely kicked him in the head at least twice.

Sweat aside the class was great. And, of course, any time you can work a celebrity into a story, it makes it that much better. I didn't bother him after class, because I know these guys don't go to yoga class so you can take a Green Monkey selfie with them. But as yoga classes go, this one may go down as the most interesting.

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