Day 23 - Old Pro

Pure Barre - Coral Gables

Well, maybe I"m becoming a trendsetter. On Sunday I got to the Pure Barre studio about 15 minutes early, and as I'm sitting there this lady walks in.....followed by a guy. Now I don't mean, like, he was dropping her off or paying for her classes or something. The dude walked in a Heat jersey and sweatpants, so it was completely plausidlbe he's just rolled off the couch to drop his wife off. But no, no. He was there for class.

Ok. Then another five minutes later...ANOTHER guy comes in. I wasn't sure if he was there with girlfriend, or his best girlfriend, if you get the drift,, but by the time class stated at 12:30 there were three times as many guys in the class as there had ever been before.

Of course once we got in the ladies were trying to explain to their male guests how to pick wieghts, rings, and bands. I looked at them and was like "Yeah, you're gonna have your arms up for a long time. So those 5lb weights might look light now, they won't in 20 minutes." They laughed, but they also listened to me. With my newfound confidence I actually took a spot at the front of the class, and honestly it's amazing the progress I've made in just five classes.

The stuff was still hard, and this workout wasn't as difficult as some of the others I've done at Pure Barre. But it was still hard, and I wasn't corrected a whole lot the entire time. I saw the other guys struggling and was like, damn, that was totally me four weeks ago. And still is now to some degree, but I get what the moves are. And they've all gotten easier.

At the end of class Taylor, our instructor, actually said to me "It's reaelly impressive how much progress you've made so fast." Which gave me that little jolt of pride that makes me think I might actually keep at barre class after this is all done.

Which it mostly is, really. I've got some photo shoot workouts set up, and A few days left on my one-month Pure Barre membership, so I'm not done. But this almost effectively ended this month. It's been an education.

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